Friday, April 16, 2010

Why Homeless?

the first thing i'm always asked is, why?

not everyone has a choice in the matter. some of us do, and choose it willingly. for someone like myself, single, no children, experience in the outdoors i ask... why not?

when i say i don't have an apartment or a house, i'm not seeking pity. if anything, i'm acknowledging a freedom. i still work, i still have a social life, i still eat well and sleep comfortably, i just choose to do so mostly outdoors.

homelessness has it advantages.. when you don't have to pay for a place to live, it frees up a lot of money. if you don't need to make so much money, it frees up a lot of time. and i like free time.

not paying for a place means more money for better quality food. i can eat fresh food and purchase meals at a time, or a days worth of food at a time and eat well every day. i can afford the better cell phone plan that allows same rate calling all across the country, comes in handy for traveling. i can also afford all the gear and proper clothing i need to stay comfortable. i have extra money to spend on entertainment, theatres, concerts, multi-day out-of-town trips.. and of course some fine herbs for the smoking.

not being tied down to a lease allows more freedom to travel. with a social insurance number i can work anywhere in Canada legally... there are temp agencies everywhere, and lots of work for the willing. i can spend more of my time hiking trails and camping in the wilderness, sitting at the beach, stargazing, visiting friends, catching up with family and enjoying my time...

so, why not?

attitude is everything. don't see your situation as a detriment and it won't be. see it as a blessing and your whole universe changes for the better.


  1. Why?
    For the luxury, that you describe.
    The pure unadulterated wealth of the setting sun, and the richness of the air that is breathed in, durning those moments of: Life.

    I am proud to have you as an inspiration.

    I am with you.

    Three weeks into my own journey.

    I am with you.

    Looking forward to the next three months.

    I am with you.

  2. That is amazing that you took control like that. Very inspiring. It sounds like something out of a fantasy novel.