Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Art of Homelessness.

lets make something clear right from the start... homelessness does not equal poor. nor does penniless for that matter, but that's another topic all together. maybe a better term for it is houselessness.

one can be houseless and still live a rich and full, satisfying life. i'd say many believe that there is no other way to achieve such a wonderful life experience than to be untethered to a home-box. mortgages and leases are not for everyone. it is still possible without a house to eat well, sleep well, have access to all the necessities,. hygienic, for cooking, transportation, and communication.

i'll build this blog to be a resource for others who wish to live more freely.

for now i'd just like to say, life is what you make of it. live your dreams, especially the ones people tell you are impossible. be free.

-Sadie Sea

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post script:
please note! everything that i write and share in my blog is from my own experiences. my methods may not be for everyone, and may not be the best for your situation... or completely 'legal'. i am not a know-all of the nomadic lifestyle, i am here to live and learn. my hopes are that i may provide some insight on homelessness as a chosen lifestyle, and maybe to give hope to those who might unexpectedly find themselves in such a situation. just remember, don't panic.. and never forget to bring your towel.

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  1. I am proof that all who wander are not lost. I lived for 3 months on the Bruce Trail in summer of 2009. I was not homless, I was hardly penniless. People often offered to buy myself and my dog food, and even a pair of shoes (I travel barefoot).

    Many people couldn't imagine life without a mortgage or a mass of possessions. It can be very freeing.