Wednesday, September 10, 2014

a change of scenery.

after a month of tenting, gathering myself and getting rid of things, i finally made it west. the transition back in to a transient lifestyle is still a little rough, but i'm glad i decided to give it another go. i'm a little older now and face a few new challenges health wise, but i refuse to let anything stop me from enjoying my preferred way of life. my style has certainly changed a little as i prefer to spend more nights indoors than i once did, which means a whole new adventure of meeting new people and enjoying many home-spaces.

my last journey in this direction involved a lot of hitching, spending time in random places and slowly moseying in the direction of VanCity. this time around i chose the cheapest means of travel one-way straight through via Greyhound.. that was an adventure on it's own. there's always people to be met and stories to hear and tell. and at least one soul per journey becomes a life-long friend.

i didn't come with much of a plan besides my landing point, i am blessed to have a friend who is letting me utilise their space in exchange for chores and pet care until i get myself sorted out. there are opportunities for work and wwoofing everywhere, all i need to do is choose a direction. as i type this i'm awaiting messages back on potential things-to-do, but in the meantime i have a chance to enjoy the retired life in a new city surrounded by forests and immersed in culture.

follow my journal blog @The Sage Vagabond, like my facebook page, or find me on Instagram @siekwonsage. i'll be embracing the social media to share stories and photos of random adventures, and hopefully inspire others to embark on random adventures of their own. your situation is what you make if it.. thanks for reading, bless!

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