Sunday, December 1, 2013

Life After Homelessness

i think it's safe to say that once you live 'out there', a part of your heart and mind stays there forever. the habits one picks up from being homeless are long lasting and hard to break. i started this page a few years ago to serve as a sort of vague reference point for people who find themselves in this sort of situation. i used my own experiences as a guide.. but i made a point to never really write about those specific moments or situations  to keep the page simple and easy to navigate.

that and i simply wasn't ready to share the finer details about my 'secret' lifestyle with the rest of the world. now that it's been a few years since i've been 'out there', i feel like it's about time to write down what i remember. these memories serve as lessons, ones i hope never to forget. and ones i hope can maybe someday help someone who gets stuck in a similar situation. it's always comforting to know you're not alone.

since my days of wandering with a rucksack i have spent most of my housed time living communally, with anywhere from three to six people in a house. living alone inside four walls tends to make me anxious, so i prefer to have the company. living with others is another lifestyle of trial and error, and that's a whole other story that has just begun. besides that, i have been keeping busy learning about Permaculture, and trying my hand at some urban farming.

having steady access to the web has allowed me to share my journey, i'm finally getting used to this 'blogging' thing. it has inspired me to continue writing about those moments in my life i don't want to forget.. reflections [of a streetkid]. i'm also planning to post more gear reviews, and i'd like to expand this page with more helpful topics.

follow this link for more of my story:
reflections [of a streetkid].

and here for my adventures in urban food farming:
 Southern Ontario Urban Permaculture

also check back for more gear reviews!

thanks for reading, your feedback is greatly appreciated, as always.
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stay warm!

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