Wednesday, September 10, 2014

a change of scenery.

after a month of tenting, gathering myself and getting rid of things, i finally made it west. the transition back in to a transient lifestyle is still a little rough, but i'm glad i decided to give it another go. i'm a little older now and face a few new challenges health wise, but i refuse to let anything stop me from enjoying my preferred way of life. my style has certainly changed a little as i prefer to spend more nights indoors than i once did, which means a whole new adventure of meeting new people and enjoying many home-spaces.

my last journey in this direction involved a lot of hitching, spending time in random places and slowly moseying in the direction of VanCity. this time around i chose the cheapest means of travel one-way straight through via Greyhound.. that was an adventure on it's own. there's always people to be met and stories to hear and tell. and at least one soul per journey becomes a life-long friend.

i didn't come with much of a plan besides my landing point, i am blessed to have a friend who is letting me utilise their space in exchange for chores and pet care until i get myself sorted out. there are opportunities for work and wwoofing everywhere, all i need to do is choose a direction. as i type this i'm awaiting messages back on potential things-to-do, but in the meantime i have a chance to enjoy the retired life in a new city surrounded by forests and immersed in culture.

follow my journal blog @The Sage Vagabond, like my facebook page, or find me on Instagram @siekwonsage. i'll be embracing the social media to share stories and photos of random adventures, and hopefully inspire others to embark on random adventures of their own. your situation is what you make if it.. thanks for reading, bless!

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Transition.

it's been a few years since i've spent a decent amount of time living out of my rucksack, so i made sure to give myself a month or so to transition back to mobile mode before i hit the road. i've been slowly emptying out my space in the house in case someone needs to use it while i'm gone. everything is being organized in my storage locker down the road, aka Sam's Garage.

it's taken me a few days to calm my mind and get out of 'work-50-weeks-a-year mode' and back into living/adventure/work when i gotta mode. over the years i had forgotten that it's alright to take an hour or two and just lay out on the grass in the shade. i pulled every piece of my gear out of the house, set up the tents, unpacked the sleep rolls and let everything air out and expand. i hate to admit that many of these things just spent too long stored inside compression sacks. luckily as far as i can tell no damage. it took a few days and a good rain to straighten out the little creases.

of all the modern conveniences of domesticated living, the one i'm most spoiled by these days is my bed. i hadn't actually owned one in years even when i was last housed, and i thought i'd deserved it after so long without. in fact, it was the very first bed i had purchased myself, brand new. from a bed store even! fancy that. anyways, i've been trying not to use it so much, rather sleep outside or on the crappy futon to get used to sleeping on a different surface each night. wherever i end up, doubts on the presence of pocket coils.

the backyard has been a good spot to practice sleeping outside. with all the tenants and their visitors coming and going at all and any hours, multiple dogs around and some local wildlife, i have the chance to become comfortable with random sounds.. and practice being conscious of potential threats in that mostly sleepish state. oh and the crickets at night.. the yard is so full of life especially with the garden flourishing as it has. it's a great place to do some urban camping.

another thing i am adjusting to is the finite supply of funds. working full-time of course i had come to expect the money to replenish in my account automatically every two weeks, so it didn't matter if i'd spend foolishly every once in a while. it seems as though living that way can make us forget the value of a dollar. i'm watching my spending closely. my purchases are more thoughtful. i'm not sure when the next time i'll have an income will be, so i have to leave myself some financial space to get by until then.

otherwise, the horrible eating habits i have developed the past few years certainly show in pounds, so i have taken on a challenge to help me achieve my health and fitness goals while i'm on the road. i'll share a little more about that later on, for now let's just say, my diet will certainly be different this time around. now that i pretty well have being a professional hobo down pat, i can afford the time to develop some supreme vegan hobo culinary skills.

for now, i gotta get back to organizing while i wait out the rain.
ahhh, hobo life.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Back to the Rucksack

it was a good run as a domesticated member of society, i learned a lot from being here.. but it's time again for me to hit the road. this whole wide country is my home, and i feel like i'm living in a corner closet in the basement of this big beautiful place.

i am a transient being. i simply can't stay put, i'm not programmed that way. this year i'm traveling west again, i haven't seen the mountains for six years. they're calling.. and this time i have to answer. i'll be leaving later in the summer, and staying in that direction into early spring. what exactly i'll be up to i'm not entirely sure, but it will be an adventure. there's more to do and learn.

i've decided it's about time i get connected with social media, and share photographs and stories along the way. technology has come a long way since the last time i lived out of a rucksack, and it will be a whole new experience. a lot different than having a roll of quarters and a calling card, and using guest access on library computers when moving from town to town. and not to mention cross country finds in my since favourite GPS treasure hunt game, Geocaching!

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thanks to everyone for being a part of the journey. moving along...